Thursday, 16 March 2017

The winners of project logo competition at Lieporiai gymnasium

The project "INCLUDE" logo competiion was orgainzed at Lieporiai gymnasium on 12-13 December ,2016 .                                  
The winners are Emilija , Kornelija ir Liveta.

 Emilija :
"When I was drawing the logo, I was thinking about the meaning of the word “ include” . The first idea was about people of all ages and nationalities. Thus, my logo represents people who are involved in common activity. While we have a common goal and hobbies, we are united and we can help each other to grow. I am really happy with the second place in logo competition, and also that I was given an opportunity to join the project ' INCLUDE' "

"The project “INCLUDE” means for me international communication. I wanted to show that communication unites all people. We are all people of the same world. And  even though we are different ,  we need to communicate. I used many colours in my drawing. I wanted to show the world where people are very colourful, different in their languages, cultures and customs. The project “INCLUDE” is important to all people and me , to everyone who wants to communicate."

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