Wednesday, 1 March 2017

An interview to the logo author

Konstantina  Dimakakou (student of the 4th Senior High School, Kalamata-Greece) about her logo:

“The drawing shows two kids, that are completely different, holding the Earth in their hands. The girl is white and the boy is black. I’ve chosen to draw T-shirts on them that have the opposite colours. With this antithesis, I want to highlight that the world belongs to everyone, no matter how he looks like, where he is from, what he wears. Everybody has the right to consider Earth as his home. Equality is the basic foundation of democracy. Every single person in the world has to have the privilege to live in a democratic constitution, where he is able to have the same rights with all of his fellow citizens.
I put the flags in this order considering where each country is located on the Earth.
Finally, I put the name of our action in a cloud so as to show that it is an idea, it is a thought that can totally change the way we see the world. It can make us all think differently about how we are supposed to behave to people different from us, but also to the planet Earth, our home…”

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