Monday, 24 April 2017

Visit to the University of Peloponnese

Monday, April 3, 2017

Mrs Eleni Volonaki, Professor of Ancient Greek Literature, delivered a speech on the topic: The Athenian Democracy in the Golden Era of Perikles.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Meeting with the Mayor

Kalamata, April 7, 2017

Visit to the city hall and meeting with the mayor of Kalamata. The meeting was published on the official website of the municipality of Kalamata. 

Friday, 14 April 2017

The poster

The main activity of the mobility to Kalamata within the frame of the Erasmus+/KA2- INCLUDE project, was the social event which took place at the Municipal Cultural Center, on Thursday, April 6, 2017. The aim of the event was to support associations and NGOs active in the field of social inclusion, such as: SOS Children Villages, Social Solidarity Clinic, the center that helps people with physical disabilities- KEFIAP, the association of people with cancer experience – ksanarxizw. The event, which was a music concert, became widely known to the local community of Kalamata through the campaign that was held by the 4th Senior High School.
For that purpose, a poster was created which was forwarded via email to all schools of Messinia region and to all educational and other local authorities. The poster was also printed in many copies, which were posted at various crowded places of the city.

The poster for the promotion of the social event

The project on TwinSpace

On December7, 2016, we launched our project on TwinSpace.



Programme of the activities

Learning/Teaching/Training Activity- C1
Kalamata, April 2nd –April 8th  2017.

Sunday, 2 of April
All delegations arrive in Kalamata around 5:30 in the afternoon.
Host students and their families will wait for the guest students at school in order to welcome them and take them to their houses.
Guest teachers will find accommodation at their hotel.
In the evening, Greek teachers will have dinner with guest teachers.

Monday, 3 of April
Activities at school
·         the focus aim of the meeting
·         the host school presents the national education system and the school itself
10:00-10:50, coffee break with food offered by students and staff
11:00-12:30, workshops related to human rights  in the classrooms/Teachers’ meeting
12:40-14:05, basketball and volleyball games in the schoolyard

In the afternoon: Visit to the University of Peloponnese
18:00, Mrs Eleni Volonaki, Professor of Ancient Greek Literature, will deliver a speech on the topic: The Athenian Democracy in the Golden Era of Perikles.

Tuesday, 4 of April
City tour
Walking through the city to acquire experience of the  most beautiful spots.
 The starting point is the castle and the end is the beach.
08:15 - 11:30,  sightseeing tour in the old part of the city:
·         The medieval castle
·         the traditional costumes museum ΄΄V. Karelia΄΄
·         The Cathedral
·         Holy Apostles and 23rd March square
·         Archaeologoical meseum
·         The picturesque alleys
11:30-12:00, a short stop at a traditional delicatessen shop to taste local flavours. 
12:00, getting on the city bus and after 10 min arrival  at the seaside.
12:10-13:00, hiking along the beach.
13:45-14:00, end of the activities.

Wednesday, 5 of April
Activities at school
08:15-11:00, elections simulation activity
11:00-11:40, presentation about Ancient Greek Theatre and Drama
11:50-12:30, basketball and volleyball games in the school yard/Teachers’ meeting
12:30-14:05, Erasmus party (the school band will play music for all  students).

Thursday, 6 of April
Half day trip to Ancient Messene (25 km far from Kalamata). 
08:15, departure (the meeting point is at the school)
09:00,  arrival at the archaeological site of Ancient Messene
09:30,  attendance of the performance of Prometheus Bound,  written by Aeschylus, the  renowned     playwright  of tragedies in antiquity. The performance will be  given by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art of London,  within the frame of International Youth Festival of Ancient Drama, which is held annually in the archaeological site of Ancient Messene.
11:30, guided tour by the Greek students
13:00,  lunch at a local restaurant
14:15, departure from Ancient Messene
15:00,  arrival in Kalamata (in front of the school)

 In the evening: the social event
20:00,  a  music concert will be held at the Municipal Cultural Center of Kalamata.
22:00, official dinner with teachers of the 4th Senior High School.

Friday, 7 of April
Meeting with the mayor of Kalamata.  Visits to local associations active in the field of social inclusion.
09:00,  Social Solidarity Clinic.
10:30,  meeting with the mayor.
11:30,  SOS childrens’ villages.
12:30,  Municipal Association against maltreatment of women.
14:00,  end of the activities.

In the evening

21:00, the farewell dinner.

Saturday, 8 of April
Departure of all groups