Saturday, 18 February 2017

Each LTTA is composed by:

Each LTTA is composed by a 6-day schedule with
A. two days at school.
The organizing school presents:
- The national and local education system and the school itself
- the focus aim of the meeting
All the partners:
- present the result of scheduled activities and debate about them
- animate workshops, laboratories, seminars
- participate in non-formal learning experiences
- schedule activities for the next topic(s)
Students live with families. Teachers stay at a hotel, if possible together in order to spend as much time as possible,  share experiences and learn from each other. Spending some time together, especially free time, often allows teachers to build strong relationships and nurtures future cooperation.
B. Two days of visits to:
- NGOs active in social fields (inclusion, democracy, participation…)
C. Two days of cultural activities:
- Historical sites, museums, libraries
D. A social / cultural event (in one of these days): an exhibition, a concert, a comedy, a festival

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